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esv bibleEnglish Standard Version (ESV) of the Holy Bible. The ESV translation was meticulous and deliberate to faithfully recount the original words and meaning of the Bible's Hebrew and Greek texts. The translation teams were among the best scholars in the world and the process was stringent to ensure that the English words would be accurate to the original, readable, and would flow correctly when read aloud. The Study Bible notes are excellent and clear. This Study Bible will be a blessing for any English speaking Christian and a great resource for devotional study or discipleship. The ESV also has an online component that saves personal notes, and contains very helpful search tools.


answers in genesis logoAnswers in Genesis is a foundation devoted to teaching and defending the literal historical account of creation in Genesis. The online resources are helpful and thought provoking.



bible hubBible Hub's Interlinear Bible is an excellent resource for Christians curious about Greek and Hebrew studies and Biblical word searches in the original languages.