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     The Lord commanded us in Matthew 28:18 to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them all that the Lord has commanded us. In order to faithfully complete this commission we must ensure that the church is equipped to proclaim the gospel and ministers are able to teach the orthodox faith. The primary focus is therefore upon training elders and pastors so that they are prepared to lead congregations. This is generally accomplished through the Covenant Leadership Training Institute (CLTI). With locations currently in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and Livingstone, Zambia, CLTI trains church leaders through an intensive nine month discipleship training program in order to supply students with Biblical Studies as well as practical experience in ministry.

      Because we desire that every Christian be able to effectively communicate God's Word, we also offer the Covenant Discipleship Training (CDT) Program, aimed at providing a foundation of Biblical knowledge for students of all ages.

      Also, realizing that some students can not attend an intensive discipleship program, we also host the Covenant Theological Institute (CTI) online in association with Trinity Bible College in Newburgh, Indiana, USA. This unique online program allows students to study at their own pace through a full college level curriculum that utilizes audio lectures to provide a wealth of knowledge in several areas of study. Though strongly focused upon Biblical studies, CTI also offers classes on leadership, ministry, and counseling. The benefit of this program is that students can achieve an Associates Degree from Trinity College upon completion of the entire curriculum.