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Mercy Ministries

      Covenant Family Churches is committed to restoration. Therefore, we are actively working toward the eradication of starvation, disease, and poverty in the world. Many of our initiatives are aimed at third-world regions. We utilize discipleship and educational programs to stand with individuals so that they can improve their homes and living conditions. Rather than trying to alleviate suffering by simply infusing money into a region, we are actively fighting to better communities and develop areas without hope. In this way, while proclaiming the gospel we concurrently look to practically build up individuals, families, and congregations so that they might be economically self-sufficient and able to themselves contribute to the Lord's mandate of restoration in the world. We accomplish this through partnership with organizations, personal discipleship of church and community leaders, and getting the right people (medical professionals, architects, engineers, etc…) to the right places in order to maximize help for specific areas and training for future success without direct assistance.  If you would like to get involved or to donate, please contact us.  

Living Hope, India                                       

indian  child drinking water





Living Hope, Zambia                               

linda school





Partnership with Gifts of Love, International for work in Guatemala  

Guatemala boy