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     Covenant Family Churches primarily provides ministerial support and church government oversight for related congregations around the world, working together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of life.  We are committed to practicing the covenant together and to serving the Lord's madate of restoration in the entire world.  In order to do so, we have sought to make disciple all nations and to promote indigenous leaders within congregations while training those gifted to lead in order to express the truth of the gospel across cultural barriers.

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     Thus, Covenant Family Churches training arm is important and vital to our work in the world. Our primary focus is directed upon equipping church leaders to serve in their local congregations and to honor Christ in their communities. Our educational endeavors also aim at equipping all Christians to love, understand, and communicate God's Word by fostering a love for the Holy Scriptures. We accomplish this through intensive discipleship courses when available as well as on-line distance learning.

     In order to make a significant impact in communities around the globe, we have also found it necessary to unify our charitable effort through initiatives and projects spearheaded by our related organization rather than individual congregations. With particular emphasis upon community development in the most poverty stricken areas of the third world, our mercy ministries have done such projects as building toilet facilities for leaper colonies in India and rebuilding elementary schools in Zambia.