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Kingdom Proclamation

     Kingdom Proclamation is the quarterly, online, magazine publication of Covenant Family Churches. The goal of the magazine is to honor the Lord, Jesus Christ, to unify our related congregations in doctrinal studies, and to encourage and sharpen all readers in the Word of God. Our magazine is in the tradition Restoration Magazine, published by Covenant Ministries International from 1976-1992. David Matthew, editor of Restoration from 1982-1990 said of the magazine in his online history of the Restoration movement:


Restoration cover, apostles"emphases included openness to the Spirit in praise and worship; the importance of relationships in the family and the church; the conviction that the kingdom of God had been established with Christ’s ascension and Pentecost and would grow until his return to consummate it; the value of ‘lateral covenant’ between leaders working together; the need for all of the ‘Ephesians 4 ministries’ if the church was ever to reach maturity, especially apostles and prophets; the authority of local church elders; and the importance of personal discipling in the ways of the Lord. All of these, it was believed, were clear teachings of the New Testament that had become neglected and were now being restored to the church by the Holy Spirit under the direction of the risen Christ who had promised, ‘I will build my church.’


     Our emphasis can likewise be summed up through our desire to glorify Christ in every area of life, to see Jesus preeminent in all things, and to contribute to the knowledge of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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