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Covenant Leadership Training Institute

     Covenant Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) is designed for leaders in the church to equip elders and deacons who are currently leading congregations or are training to do so. This is an intensive, nine-month program designed to steep students in discipleship in order to equip leaders in Biblical studies, effective teaching of the Scriptures, church leadership, and evangelism. CLTI is designed to root students in the Word of God and to immediately put to practice teachings through discipleship, leadership opportunities in local congregations, and service in the church and community.
     If you feel called by Christ as a leader in the church and you are looking for training, this is it. You will be pushed academically and spiritually as you learn and serve. However, this program is based on principles of covenant relationship and grace to stand with each other so that we can build together as we honor the Lord Jesus. The point of CLTI is not to be a pastor alone but rather to serve the Lord faithfully in obedience, linked together by covenant.
     Be a part of a company of leaders dedicated to glorifying Christ through orthodox teaching, faithfulness to the Scriptures, hard work, and covenant relationship. There are currently schools located just outside in Livingstone, Zambia; and in Karachi, Pakistan. If you are interested in attending a CLTI , please email us, or contact Mike Hayden at telephone 636-236-1853 (USA number).