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Why an online magazine?

"I'll share a foxhole with you."
     This iconic American phrase sums up the world's understanding of standing together in covenant. It speaks of sharing mission and putting your life on the line in order to protect and assist another person. Our mission at Covenant Family Churches is to glorify the Lord, Jesus Christ. Because His rule is perfect and His judgments eternal, we are committed to living according to the Holy Scriptures. One way we can display our obedience to Christ is by living in covenant with one another. This means that we stand together, serve one another, and pledge ourselves to display the grace and beauty of God's covenant in community.
     Kingdom Proclamation is an online magazine devoted to the unity of our congregations, the singularity of our mission to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and the resolve of our ministry to practice and experience the covenant with one another. Since shipping costs are prohibitive to producing a printed publication, our desire has been to publish an easily reproducible magazine capable of being transmitted around the world. Online publication the best way to accomplish this. Each Kingdom Proclamation edition is formatted as a small, easily downloadable pdf file that can be received even in the most unreliable of internet connections. Further, it is designed to be printed from your home printer on standard copy paper so that it might be shared with those that do not have internet access.
     So, why an online publication? Simply put, the Lord has placed us side-by-side to work together as related congregations, and we want to be faithful to ensure that everyone can receive encouragement and teaching from our ministry team. Our hope is that our publication will help build up your faith and encourage you to continue to the work of restoration in your neighborhood. Whether you live in the western hemisphere, eastern hemisphere, tropical, desert, or woodland climates, we pray that our magazine will help you to see the King and His Kingdom, to live out the covenant, and to spur you toward a pure devotion to Christ as you serve His mandate of restoration wherever you go.

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